"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" (Lao Tze)


Charitable donations and support

Elmi Olindo Plc tries to give back to the community and assist in supporting charitable organizations such as the following:

- Missionaries of Charity, who assist the poorest of the poor in all regions of Ethiopia

- Mekedonia Home of the Elderly and Mentally Disabled,  a local NGO mostly working in Addis Ababa

- Centro San Giuseppe in Addis Ababa, a Catholic Church affiliated Charity working with the urban poor in Addis Ababa

- Hansenian Ethiopia Welfare Organization (HEWO), providing free health care in the area of Mekele/Quiha

- Day after Day Center for  Children with Rheumatic Heart Disease and other heart conditions in Mekele


Elmi Olindo Athletics Club

The Elmi Olindo Athletics Club was established in 2015 and promotes sportsmanship and athletics by supporting the youth to succeed in accomplishing their dream of becoming athletes and runners. Many of them have succeeded in joining big local clubs to further train and gain access to international competitions.