"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" (Lao Tze)


Elmi Olindo & Co. P.L.C started operating in Eritrea in 1937. In the early days, its core activity was the production and supply of construction materials resulting from quarrying activities. It later got involved into roads and building construction. It expanded its activities to all Ethiopia in the mid 1960s. Most Of its assets were nationalised by Dergue in 1980, but Luigi Elmi re-launched the business in 1983.

The activity of Elmi Olindo P.L.C started back in 1945 GC, when a crushing plant was established in Asmara. It supplied aggregates for road and building construction. it was then involved in substantial portion of construction and rehabilitation of Asmara road network in the 1950s. it then also started undertaking building construction projects, churches, and other civil works activities.

Elmi Olindo & Co. has over 70 years of experience in its field and is today a leading construction company in Ethiopia. Its capacity has grown to undertake major projects with confidence and professional execution.